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awarded grants

The following organizations have successfully
been awarded Increase the Reach grants to assist
in their efforts to improve health equity in all communities of Kansas.

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Avenue of Life

Kansas City, MO

Project Name: Impact KCK COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach

Award Amount: $60,284

Avenue of Life is the backbone organization for Impact KCK, a one-stop resource for homeless families who have been referred by the four Wyandotte County school districts' McKinney-Vento liaisons. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Avenue of Life had to make adjustments to the ways it serves the 2,000+ families in the Impact KCK program. Many have become destabilized (lacking in essential items and proper nutrition, lost employment, behind on payments, slated for evictions and/or utility disconnect) due to the impact of COVID-19. Additional funding allows Avenue of Life to designate an Impact KCK Navigator to oversee COVID-19 education and equity, intentionally working with the other Impact KCK Navigators and partnering organizations to ensure underserved populations are receiving the resources they need to decrease vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccination rates and accessibility.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas Inc.

Pittsburg, KS

Project Name: Equity for All -- Reaching the State's Most Vulnerable

Award Amount: $250,000

The Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas -- located in the least healthy and most economically-challenged section of the state -- will continue to identify and serve the most vulnerable populations through education, and ultimately vaccination, of adults, adolescents and children against all infectious diseases including COVID-19 and its variants.  Targeting the low-income population of 10 counties, CHC/SEK will renew its efforts to collaborate with health departments, school districts, higher education, public and private partners, churches, correctional facilities and social service agencies to work to ensure 100% access to all vaccines regardless of ability to pay while also raising public confidence and understanding among all populations in a culturally-appropriate manner. As the initial COVID-19 funding is expended, this funding will sustain and expand efforts to develop health literacy and proactively protect all ages from the infectious diseases that have negatively impacted the quality of life in rural Kansas.

Community Health Council of Wyandotte County, Inc. (CHC)

Kansas City, KS

Project Name: WyCo Connect - CanVaxx Initiative

Award Amount: $250,000

CHC plans to increase vaccine confidence through education, outreach, and partnerships, and ensure equitable distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccines. CHC will do this through promoting COVID-19 vaccinations among underserved populations, addressing vaccine misinformation, providing local education campaigns, increasing vaccine confidence for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals, increasing accessibility for people with disabilities, and partnering, planning, and implementing vaccination activities with critical organizations, high risk-specific populations, and organizations and business. Funding will primarily be used for contracted staffing, services, and consumable supplies. This effort will positively impact 20,000 systemically and systematically oppressed individuals in Wyandotte County, KS.

El Centro

Kansas City, KS

Project Name: ¡Vacúnate! (Get Vaccinated!)

Award Amount: $200,000 

The project includes eight strategies for reaching underserved Latino, immigrant and Spanish-speaking individuals: (1) Provide education about COVID-19 and Flu vaccines, addressing rumors and common myths the community has; (2) Utilize our Promotoras de Salud to conduct community outreach and disseminate vaccine information/education; (3) Provide tailored information about vaccine events happening locally in Spanish; (4) Offer enrollment assistance in Spanish for Latinos trying to find a vaccination site through our Enrollment Specialist; (5) Continue our commitment to equity through participating in local and state equity taskforces; (6) Work with local organizations to provide vaccination clinics, either hosted on-site or facilitated through El Centro; (7) Advertise and enroll participants for vaccine clinics we host/facilitate; and (8) Work with local Latino media partners to announce and advertise vaccination clinics.

Ellsworth County Medical Center

Ellsworth, KS

Project Name: Community Vaccination Events

Award Amount: $196,647

Ellsworth County Medical Center will provide traveling vaccine clinics in non-traditional settings serving areas of the county where high-risk populations reside. Planned settings include senior housing areas, partnerships with schools to help plan and support vaccinations for children, rural areas with low-income and transportation issues, congregate settings serving people with disabilities, and partnerships with businesses to support vaccinations for their employees and families.

GraceMed Health Clinic, Inc.

Wichita, KS

Project Name: Bust Vaccine Myths; Increase Vaccination Confidence

Award Amount: $21,112

To effectively address vaccine misinformation, CDC guidelines encourage customized local interventions. These guidelines include (1) listening and analyzing the misinformation circulating in the local community (2) engaging and listening to the community to identify the perceptions, content gaps, and misinformation (3) sharing accurate, clear, and easy-to-find information, and (4) using trusted messengers to boost credibility. GraceMed will adapt these CDC guidelines to combat vaccine myths through outreach, education, and partnerships in the communities the organization serves. These activities will be carried out by GraceMed's four  Chaplains.  GraceMed's Chaplains, who provide spiritual care to the organization's patients and staff, are trusted messengers in the communities the clinic serves. They will participate in 52 events during the year reaching out through churches, schools, community events, and local businesses to engage the community in vaccine discussions.  The clinic's target will be the underserved including communities of color, homeless persons, low-income and rural populations.  

Guadalupe Clinic, Inc.

Wichita, KS

Project Name: Providing for the Most Vulnerable

Award Amount: $90,000

We are aggressive in going on-site to businesses, churches, and schools to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, the Clinic offers the COVID-19 vaccine every week on a walk-in basis on Tuesdays and Fridays. Nurses and medical assistants are the predominant workforces for these efforts; however, non-medical staff conduct/manage data entry and site set-ups. Volunteer pharmacists, nurses, and interpreters are used if available. Funds will be allocated to market the vaccine, correct disinformation through education (in Spanish and English), and purchase PPE equipment and cleaning supplies.

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Topeka, KS

Project Name: Learn, Play, Protect Classroom Kit Project

Award Amount: $163,991

Children learn best through play, and finding playful ways to help children understand the amazing power of vaccines is a critical piece of reducing vaccine hesitancy for families. These funds will make it possible for teachers throughout Kansas to receive a Learn, Play, Protect classroom kit filled with evidence-based activities developed by educators working in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Activities will educate children about germs, hand washing, how vaccines work, and ways to be healthy, for example, food selection and participating in regular well-child check-ups.

Konza Prairie Community Health Center, Inc.

Junction City, KS

Project Name: Konza Prairie Community Health Center Increase the Reach

Award Amount: $250,000

Konza Prairie Community Health Center will increase COVID-19 vaccination capacity across Geary and Riley Counties, including among high-risk and underserved populations, by collaborating with key community partners to place one  community outreach worker in each community.  The community health worker will collaborate closely with local healthcare and public health organizations to organize vaccination activities, develop strategic vaccination plans, amplify COVID-19 vaccination messaging, and address vaccination disparities.

Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center

Chanute, KS

Project Name: Neosho County Health Task Force/ Community of Immunity 

Award Amount: $250,000

The grant will support the work of Community of Immunity, which began in April 2021 when a few community organizations met to discuss ways to increase Neosho County Immunization numbers. Project Goals include: Vaccine promotion, information dissemination to rural residents, coordinating with existing vaccine sites and public health partners, securing equipment to launch vaccination clinic advertising campaigns, hosting vaccine clinics and increasing rural community and individual patient literacy on the benefits and safety of the vaccine.