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June 8, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY

Swap & Shop.jpg

swap N shop event & art

One of the canvassers from the WyCo Connect – CannVaxx Initiative attended a Swap N Shop event where he was able to use his art skills to draw community members in. As people sat to chat with him, he was able to conduct interviews about COVID and share accurate information.


Photo: Carl conducts an empathic interview

June 3, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY

Avenue of Life1_edited.jpg

helping connect to covid resources

In February, we spoke with a senior citizen on the phone that was in need of food and hygiene items. She had requested that we deliver the items as she recently lost access to transportation, and was fearful of the bus line. We arranged food and hygiene items for her, and had them delivered to her home the following day. We also provided her with hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and masks in addition to the Covid-19 fliers. She called us that evening and asked if we knew of any resources that could provide her with a ride so she could access the Covid-19 vaccine. While we had her on the phone, we helped her register for her vaccine, schedule the vaccine, and schedule a ride through the UG “Request a ride” resource through the Health Department. We called her the next day to check on her and see how it all went, and she was super happy that we were able to not only provide her with the information, but actually complete the process with her over the phone so she could get vaccinated.

May 10, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY

Kansas Children's Discovery Center.jpg

learn, play, connect classroom kits

Children learn best through play, and finding playful ways to help children understand the amazing power of vaccines is a critical piece of reducing vaccine hesitancy for families. The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center created over 500 Learn, Play, Protect classroom kits for distribution throughout the state of Kansas. Each kit was filled with evidence-based activities developed by Discovery Center educators working in collaboration with public health experts, Kansas teachers, and local children who tested the activities. The kits are created with funding from Increase The Reach, a statewide initiative designed to improve health equity and increase vaccination rates.

May 4, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY


vaccinations and tax day

The Wyandotte County CanVaxx team networked to combine a vaccination event with tax day at a local Liberty Tax which allowed them share timely & correct information about the COVID vaccine.  They had about 65 contacts which lead to 17 empathic interviews. Eleven community members got vaccinated: three were boosters but the other 8 were new vaccinations! The WyCo Connect - CanVaxx Initiative is a project of the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, KS.


Photo: LeDarious Johnson (left) Carl McKinney (right) are both canvassers for the program.

April 29, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY

Avenue of Life1_edited.jpg

helping a family understand covid

One of the families that entered our program at Avenue of Life was a husband and wife that were expecting a new baby on the way. I met this family in October of 2021, and they disclosed to me that they were fearful of the Covid-19 vaccine. We spoke for an hour about all the information that had been shared to them from close family and friends. Most of the information was stories found on social media that unfortunately were not all factual. During that visit, Mom was 8 weeks along, with no intention of getting vaccinated. I knew the family was fearful at that moment, so I validated their feelings on why they were fearful, and explained that when they were ready, I’d like to share some other information with them. It was clear that the day I met them was not the day to have these discussions as the key with families living in poverty is to establish trust first, educate second.


In December, I met with the family again. This time they had more fears. Dad had just lost his own father to Covid-19. I questioned if now was the right time to have more discussions about vaccines, as they had just suffered a great loss. However, Mom asked if I’d share the information that I had on why the vaccine is best since she is pregnant. I grabbed some articles from the World Health Organization as well as two others from the Wyco Health Department on why pregnant women should get the vaccine. I also shared a list of common misconceptions that have been shared by the COC. I explained every article in simpler terms as sometimes the information is not user friendly. Still very apprehensive, she started asking more and more questions. She shared that all she wanted was to keep her baby safe and healthy. They left the meeting feeling like they had more than enough information to think on but still were not ready to get the vaccine.


Another 3 weeks passed and the family came in for a visit with their Navigator. I checked in with them, not even mentioning vaccines, and Mom and Dad both were thrilled to tell me they were recovering from their vaccine. They shared that after they spoke with me last that they went to their Doctor, and asked several questions. Their Doctor did recommend getting the vaccine as soon as possible, and they did.


Just this month, the family came in for a visit with their Navigator. Mom shared that she and her husband had contracted Covid, and only had really harsh symptoms even with the vaccine. She was kept in the hospital due to being several months pregnant. The Doctor told the family that had they not been vaccinated, they likely would have lost the baby, Mom, or both. The family was thankful that I gave them the information so they could make the best decision for their family. They also appreciated that information wasn’t pushed on them, but given as an option.


Mom delivered her baby girl on April 21, 2022. She is healthy and happy as can be. :)

March 25, 2022 - UPDATE

Image by Christin Hume


To accommodate the timing of quarterly reports that are due to the CDC from KDHE related to this work, the timing of quarterly reports for Increase the Reach grantees will be adjusted going forward. This change will better allow KDHE to use info from your reports to send to the CDC.


The quarterly report due on April 15th (covering work from January through March) will stay the same, and the due dates will change after that as follows:  

  • June 15th (covering work from April and May)  

  • September 15th (covering work from June, July, and August)  

  • December 15th (covering work from September, October, and November)  

  • March 15th (covering work from December, January, and February)  


These quarterly report dates will continue through the remainder of your grant period. Please contact your Increase the Reach Support Team Member or Sarah Jolley ( if you have any questions.